7 Ways to Help You Kick the Cable to the Curb

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Not long ago, having a television in your home was almost a requirement for every American family. Now, many households are giving up the TV (or just the cable) for various reasons. Some want to save money, some are unhappy with the quality of programming, and still others want to avoid the constant barrage of commercial advertisements.

If you are interested in giving up your TV (or your cable subscription) but you have a few shows that you just can’t stand to miss, there are several options for you. Some are free, some are not, but all are legal alternative ways to enjoy TV.


1. Netflix. Yes, it seems cliche to put Netflix at the top of the list. The fact is, though, that their services are affordable, reliable, and now provide streaming video from the site.

2. Worldwide Media Project. A site providing streaming video stations from around the world. It gives users the ability to suggest new stations. The selection is somewhat limited at this point, but the site has great potential.

3. Fancast. A great site that offers full-length TV shows, movie clips, and trailers.

4. MyEasyTV. Over 3000 internet TV channels.

5. Surf The Channel. A website that scours the internet to bring you the best in internet TV. The best part: they refer all would-be donations to Cancer Research because “they need the cash.” Aww.

6. Network TV websites. Many networks offer online versions of their first-run shows right after they air on TV.

7. Joost. Ah, Joost. The internet community is at odds over this free TV site - you either love it or you hate it. Joost is the lovechild of Kazaa and Skype, and will soon be bringing you shows from several major networks.

There are many more out there, so let us know - how do you get your free TV fix?

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  1. waxi on February 25th, 2008

    if you are looking for multi-lingual tv, online tv social community, social tv network, internet tv stations, tv channels, free global internet tv, broadband channels, live webcast, customized tv programmes, After testing various TV software and visiting loads of sites. most of them offer a free trial or preview and then they make you pay to sign up, or are cluttered with ads. I think that is ridiculous… so ive done my research and have found a couple of really decent sites. The first one Id like to draw your attention to is (www.viewmy.tv) This site has almost 1300 channels from around the globe and counting. it is free to register and they dont ask for stupid details, just your username and email address. It actually streams live channels so you dont have to download any and they have a pretty easy way of finding the channel you want. You can search through genre, country, region or name of the channel. oh and there are no ads either. Check this one out. With over 1300 channels from hundreds of countries, loads of features like channel rating, user recommendations, live chat, profile pages and much much more.

  2. Ami on March 23rd, 2008

    I think that it’s hillarous that the ad running on this page is for “comcast’s triple play” the cable I’m trying to rid myself of. lol

  3. Mogal on August 19th, 2008

    Try out http://www.freetube.us.tc and http://www.hulu.com to me those are your best alternatives, and p2p streaming with megiz but that’s a warez tool thats beta from piratebay it’s so neat not sure they’going to go public with it soon.

  4. [...] (And if that’s not enough you could still find sites that will surely kick your cable subscription to the curb.) [...]

  5. zebulon on July 9th, 2009

    another one with sci fi,abc, nbc, espm and more: http://www.mytvonline.org

  6. Arienne Josseaume on July 29th, 2009

    How did you miss out on hulu?

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