9 of the Greatest DIY USB Drive Mods

thumbs usb drives
How many DIY USB drive mods are out there? Being the realistic and completely unsarcastic type, we’d say about forty million. They are an easy project and they can make this otherwise boring bit of technology sparkle with personality. While we would never claim to be an authority on such things and thus able to judge the “best” mods, we can show you a few weird and interesting mods that have caught our eyes recently.

The Floppy Disk USB Drive: taking an obsolete piece of technology and combining it with a newer piece of technology to make something useful? Excellent.


The Cassette Tape USB Drive: along the same lines as the floppy disk, this mod is a nice juxtaposition of old and new. Plus it looks pretty cool when it’s plugged in.

cassette tape usb drive

The Zippo USB Drive: Do you love the iconic look of the Zippo, but you’ve given up that nasty smoking habit? Find another use for your favorite Zippo case by mounting a USB drive inside.

zippo usb drive

The Disposable Lighter USB Drive: oh, look! You can do it with a cheap little Bic lighter, too!

bic lighter usb drive

The Toy Car USB Drive: finally, something constructive to do with all of those old toy cars and trucks you have lying around the house!

toy cars usb drives

The NES Controller USB Drive: this ranks pretty high in geek factor, which is a plus to those of us who wear the geek badge proudly.

nintendo controller usb drive

The Lego USB Drive: This is one of our favorites. Is there anything Legos can’t do?

lego usb drive

The Cobra Commander USB Drive: make people too afraid to walk off with your device by putting it into a fierce Cobra Commander body.

cobra commander usb drive

The “Thumb” Drive: get it? Ha, ha.

thumb drive

Well, there you have them: 9 totally excellent USB case mods. What are some of your favorites? Use the comments section to share other mods.

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