23 Wacky Uses for Cassette Tapes

cassette belt buckle from famousDuring the eighties, you can’t say the term “music” without associating it with the cassette tape. The small cartridge, containing two connected spools of film, is the preferred means of storing music. Most music lovers have decent collections of cassettes back then. As technology progressed, cassette tapes were eventually replaced by more modern devices. Cassette owners are now in a bind on what to do with the outdated music cartridge. Good thing there is always a DIY solution to everything.

The cassette tape can be turned into a ton of different items. You can tweak its plastic casing or the film to form toys, fashion accessories and other useful items. You can even combine a multitude of cassettes to create cool nostalgic themes for home fixtures. Surely, you’ll be amazed with the number of things you can do with a seemingly useless device. So without further ado, here are 23 wacky uses for cassette tapes:

1. Belt Buckle - Having a cassette belt buckle is like paying homage to the entire eighties generation. People will say “;cool”; with a hint of nostalgia when they see the stylized fashion accessory latched around your waist. The buckle will be the envy of eighties kids and urban fashion followers.

2. Cabinet - Cabinets are not meant to be dull if you have a truckload of cassettes. Lineup the cartridges then use them to form the doors and outside surface of the cassette cabinet. Once the cabinet is constructed, use it to store your CDs and music gadgets.

3. Paper Weight - Paint an empty cassette cartridge with a shiny silver coating. When it dries, it will look as elegant as any office desk accessory, even though its only task is to hold paper.

4. Wallet - Store money with style by transforming the music cartridge into a wallet. Stick one end of a chain onto the wallet and latch the other on your pants. You will look like a rock star out to make an impression.

Tape Cassette Wallet

5. Bar Theme - If you have lots of cash, an undying passion for music and thousands of cassettes, you can establish your own rock music bar. Stick the cassettes onto the walls, the bar tables and at the base of the bar to set a nostalgic musical setting. Hire popular rock bands then hold well-marketed events. Soon, your bar will be considered one of the hippest places in town.

6. Tape Dispenser - Empty the tape’s casing and affix a rolling apparatus inside. Attach a spool of thin-sized tape onto the roller. When the tape has been setup, reconnect the sides of the casing to finish the dispenser.

7. Recycle - If you feel that your stack of cassette tapes is merely taking up space in your room, rest assured that the city’s recycling compound will know what to do with it. The tape’s casing will be molded into a multitude of plastic devices and fixtures. The metal screws, used to the hold the casing together, are turned into scrap metal. (For more ideas on recycling, read Top Ten ways to recycle & redecorate)

8. Sculpture - The cassette’s casing is made of hard plastic, which can be molded to form other items. Melt the plastic and create cool structures like skeletons, action figures or even a life-size replica of your favorite Star Wars character.

Skeleton Figurine

9. Dress - Extract the rolls of tape from three or more cassettes. Position them, in such a way that they follow your design. Sew them together and the apply cool patterns.

10. Card Holder - Every culture has a distinct way of handing out business cards. Create your own culture by turning the cassette case into a card holder. Flash your card holder during your next meeting and your card’s recipients will be begging for the holder instead of your card.

11. Pendant - If you are a proud eighties kid, you might as well carry your pride through a cassette pendant. Partner it with a leather jacket, dangling earrings and a gelled or hair-sprayed hairdo. You will be recognized as the town’s ultimate eighties hero.

12. Bag - Select the oldest cassettes in your collection then assemble them to outline the bag’s shape and surface. Join the tapes together, along with rubber lining and the other component’s for the bag’s interior. Bring your bag to a crowded place and the next thing you know, it has become the latest fashion craze.Cassette Bag

13. Ribbon - The tape, when modified, can stand for the ribbons used to beautify presents. Extract a piece of tape from the spool then paint it with a robust color. Use the ribbon when wrapping gifts to slash at least a few cents from your Christmas expenses.

14. Lamp/Luminaria - The translucent surface of clear-cased cassettes give off an elegant dim glow when illuminated. Given this characteristic, create a lamp or luminaria out of assembled cassette cases. Your creation will stand as an elegant piece of modern art.

15. Key Chain - Empty a cassette cartridge, then bore a hole on one end. Insert a keyring through the hole and voila, you have a casette key chain. Regular-cassettes may be too large, so you can use the smaller tapes used for video recordings.

16. USB Holder - Just by looking at the exteriors of USB flash drives, you’ll know that they have been initially stylized by their makers. Up the ante of those designs by creating a USB casing made from an empty cassette cartridge. Your friends will certainly envy the marriage of technology and nostalgia that you have just created.

17. Toy Vehicle - If you look at a cassette closely, you will see several holes near the bottom. Play with your imagination further. Now, insert a pair of wheels though some of the holes. You will have created a toy vehicle by doing do. Apply your imagined designs, so you can determine what type of vehicle that is exactly.

18. Glitters - Just like tape confetti, you should extract the film from the casing. Cut the film to form hundreds of 1mm strips. Paint them with sparkling colors then place them on your hair or on your dress for a classy nighttime look.


19. Guitar Design - You can see the personality of a guitarist just by looking at the designs on his guitar. Create the impression of being an eighties kid and a true music lover by sticking one or two cassettes on your guitar’s frame. Partner the cassettes with a few stickers to complete the theme.

20. Transistor Radio - Transistor radios are easy to create. You just have to assemble the chips and the nozzle on the board, and you’ll have a fully-functional radio. To give it a cool aesthetic twist, turn an empty cassette cartridge into a makeshift radio casing. (Learn how to make a radio)

21. Confetti - Cut the roll of film, inside the cassette’s casing, into hundreds of small strips. Paint the strips with glittery colors. Scatter the confetti during the next grand occasion.

Confetti made of cassette tape film

22. Cigarette Case - Some smokers have the habit of comparing cigarette cases. Display a cigarette case made from an empty cassette casing and you will be the topic of more than a few smoking areas. The combination of a cassette and cigarettes is simply too cool to be left unpraised.

23. Cassette-tron - The Transformers, being the animated icons of the eighties, are best represented by an item from the same generation. Modify the casing then add several plastic and metal items to make the cassette transform into a tiny robot. Give the mechanism an eighties-sounding name like “;Cassette-tron”; or “;Cassette-o-mizer,”; so it will pass off as a member of the Transformers.

Tape cartridges suitable to use in a tape robot.

As you can see, the cassette is a small wonder, in terms of reusability. Not only does it create alternative items, but it also blesses them with a nice nostalgic appeal. You’ll certainly have fun morphing your old cassettes into useful and stylish objects.

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  1. A Noun on November 5th, 2008

    From #23:

    “The plastic screws, used to the hold the casing together, are turned into scrap metal.”

    Through Alchemy?

  2. anonymouse on November 5th, 2008

    cassettes don\’t have plastic screws, so I guess that is an error on the part of the writer…Though, turning the metal screws into scrap metal is actually a good idea…

  3. Mambo no. 8 on November 5th, 2008

    You watch too much anime brother!

  4. Blurry Eyes on November 6th, 2008

    How come I don’t see the problem A Noun?

  5. Fish Cake on November 6th, 2008

    I’m in total agreement with # 22. The case can be a pretty good camouflaged cigarette case. It was how I hid my cigarettes from my parents when I was in highschool.

  6. Kutingting on November 9th, 2008


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