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Gift cards, the second most popular Christmas present in the United States, are well-spread all over the world during Christmas. These financial instruments have corresponding money values, giving bearers the right to purchase merchandise for free. With the current prevalence of these items, you may receive gift cards from establishments that you don’t really like or patronize. Good thing giving them away is almost as easy as receiving them.

In your case, you will probably receive gift cards that cater to more than one establishment this Christmas. The ones for your favorite coffee shop or bath products are obvious keepers, but the cards that don’t really interest you can be donated, sold, traded or turned into instant Christmas presents. With the number of options that you have, you should have no trouble putting your unwanted gift cards into good use.

Donating Gift Cards

Instead of forcing yourself to purchase items that don’t really interest you, you can donate gift cards through gift card donation websites. You will find hundreds of them scattered around the Internet. Most of them cater to a particular charity, so just choose the ones that help your favorite ones. Here are three examples of those sites:

  • - This website helps both organizations and supporters make the most of unused gift cards. It offers to turn the cards into cash for funding various charities. Charitable institutions, on the other hand, will get more funds from the cards and will be helped by the site, in terms of marketing and promoting their causes. Just shoot them an email, which can be found at the site’s “Contact” section, if you want to donate or help in your organization.
  • National Foundation of Cancer Research - Cancer is a terrible disease, as it kills millions of people each year. The National Foundation of Cancer Research does everything in its power to find better treatments and possible remedies for the lethal illness. By donating your gift cards to this organization, they will have more funds for creating more research projects. Who knows, your bunch of unused gift cards might translate to the organization’s discovery of cancer’s elusive cure.
  • Poverty Relief - Poverty is a problem for both individuals and families. The lack of cash and resources reduce the quality of life. When poverty strikes more than a few families, the entire district gets affected. By donating a sizable amount of unused gift cards, you can reduce the poverty rate in your community and eventually, the entire nation. Just go to the sites of your poverty-relieving organizations for donations.

You can extend the Christmas spirit to those in need by donating gift cards. Remember, the law of karma states that you are bound to receive good tidings after doing a good deed. Your unused gift cards may just be that karmic good deed. (For more information on helping the poor, read the Top Ten best ways to reach out to the needy)

Selling Gift Cards

The only thing more versatile then a gift card is having real cash. Turn your unwanted gift cards into money by sieving the internet for websites where you can sell gift cards. These sites are pretty abundant, so finding them won’t be an issue. Just find the best deals, so you can make the most out of your cards.

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  • Confused with the process of buying and selling gift cards? You can go to a blog that shows you a step-by-step process on how to properly buy and sell the popular gift items. By following the processes mentioned closely, selling off gift cards will be a cinch.
  • - This site gives you the chance to sell, buy and even swap gift cards. Register your account in the site and you can readily interact with other members who intend to make good use of their unwanted gift cards. One registered, select the particular endeavor that you wish to partake in (swapping, selling, etc.). You can begin making transactions with other site members right after. For the price of $1.99, you can place your gift cards on the bargaining block.
  • - Just like, this site offers trading, purchasing and selling of gift cards. It even has a cool feature called “card auctioning” where other site members can bid for your cards, upon card registration. Make it one of your stops if you want to earn profits off of your expected Christmas presents.

It is advisable to create an account with more than one gift card trading websites. By doing so, you can find more deals, better offers and more card-selling features to your convenience. When you get used to selling gift cards, you might even prefer unwanted ones, since you won’t have any second thoughts when you turn them into profits.

Trading Gift Cards

Some people are simply suckers for gift cards. Instead of bringing their wallets when shopping, they can simply bring the gift cards and purchase items for no monetary cost. For gift card enthusiasts, they can trade their nifty financial instruments for ones that are more suitable to their preferences by going to gift card-trading sites.

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  • Online Forums - Forums or virtual message boards tackle the advantages and disadvantages of using gift cards. At the height of the exchange of messages and inquiries, some forum members will post their gift cards for trading. Give the members who posted interesting gift cards a private message that which states your inquiry. Compare the terms of each member and trade with the one who has the best offer.
  • Gift Card Trading Websites - Card-trading sites work just like online forums, only more convenient. The cards up for trading are posted in an orderly manner, so locating them is quite simple. Some sites have distinctive features, which makes trading fun and easy. Good examples for these websites are and
  • Just Communicate - Everyone has his or her share of received gift cards every Christmas. Given this fact, you can compare gift cards with your friends and family. Swapping shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you know many people whose interests and preferences are contrasting to yours. Continue swapping gift cards manually until you have a set that conforms to your definition of shopping.

Trading gift cards is just like trading stocks at the stock exchange (Learn how does the stock market work). You have to evaluate the value of your gift cards and how it can make your life easier. If you feel that you don’t really need the ones that you have, you might as well trade them with people who’ll be enthralled using them. Strike a good deal and your cards will traded for better ones in no time.

Gift Cards Presents

Since gift cards are one of today’s most popular gift items, you can follow suit and turn your unwanted gift cards into instant Christmas presents. Think of a friend or a family member who you think will apppreciate the cards. Place the cards in a nice envelope then add tiny ornaments (lace, ribbons, etc.) and a refreshing scent to it. Once delivered, its recipient won’t only love the cards’ perks, he or she will also appreciate your effort in making the envelope look pleasant.

gift card present

Alternative Uses

Gift cards have peculiar features that you can take advantage of. Their thin, straight and slightly hard surface make unconventional substitutes for these items:

  • ruler
  • opener for locked doors (for old doors with doorknob locks)
  • wallet thickener/fake credit card (for boastful people)
  • back scratcher
  • collage/modern art
  • small dish

These alternative uses may look silly at first, but you will never know when a situation that calls for them will arise. You’ll just be glad that you still have your gift cards with you during those times.

The gift card, being a versatile Christmas present, holds more benefits than what it seems to offer. Aside from turning products and services into freebies, it is also a good source of income and more gift cards. You can do so many things with it, you can call it the freedom of Christmas gifts.

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  1. Rebekah on July 2nd, 2009

    One other suggestion regarding unwanted gift cards is to think creatively. If you don’t want to pay the fees to swap or sell them, or haven’t had success in trading them, either go to the store/site or think about what they sell, if you already know. Do they sell anything that might be useful to you, even if it’s not their main product? They may have miscellaneous items near their cash registers or in a department you hadn’t though about that can be a replacement for something you use at home; this will save you a little money buying that item where you usually do, and won’t waste the gift in the meanwhile. Or, go shopping at that location and use the giftcard to buy gift items you can give to people when birthdays or holidays roll around. It’s probably safe to say that the person who gave you the card shops there, so check the store for gift baskets that are already bundled, or items you know that person would like. That will save you money when it is time to buy them a gift!

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