Five Easy Ways to Stick to a New Year’s Resolution

datebookA whole new year is coming, and it’s time to make another list of New Year’s Resolutions. For many people, the problem is not making a resolution, but sticking with a promise a person made to himself or herself. Whether it’s losing weight or being more charitable, people tend to stick with their New Year’s Resolutions for a couple of days, and end up going back to their old ways in a snap.

New Year’s Resolutions are supposed to make your life better, and make you a better person. Once you break your New Year’s Resolution, you’re on the path to becoming the same person you were the past year. Sticking to a New Year’s Resolution is easy, if you keep in mind the following useful tips:

1. Start Simple

The best New Year’s Resolutions are simple ones that aim low. Not only are simple resolutions easier to keep, but they also don’t have to be life-altering promises that you might second-guess a few weeks into the new year. Remember that a New Year’s Resolution is not something that’s out to change the world, but is a promise you make to yourself to make your own life better.

Here are some ideas on what makes a good New Year’s Resolution:

  • Easy. It’s tempting to think that your New Year’s Resolution will make the world a better place if you stick with it for 10 months, but it’s kind of hard to make a promise to go to the moon within 12 months. Start with something so routine and so mundane that you’ll be able to do it every day for the whole year.
  • Possible. When making a New Year’s Resolution, it’s important to think 12 months ahead. You should be able to see yourself fulfilling that resolution within the year. If you promised yourself to quit smoking within the year, for example, weigh the pros and the cons, and see if you can see yourself as a smoke-free individual come the last day of the year.
  • Personal. A good New Year’s Resolution is something that you genuinely have an attachment for. Remember that you’re going to be the one making a commitment to change something about yourself, or your relationships with other people. If you have a personal attachment to your New Year’s Resolution, you will have more of an incentive to fulfill it.

2. Remind Yourself Consistently

One reason why New Year’s Resolutions are difficult to keep is that they don’t stick in your memory. You can blame your forgetfulness on amnesia brought by age, or maybe you’re just too lazy to stick with your resolution. Good New Year’s Resolutions are ones that stick with you no matter what you do. If you have problems remembering your New Year’s Resolution, here are some tricks to help you out:

sticky notes

  • Bracelets. Wear a bracelet around your wrist to remind you of your New Year’s Resolution. It’s helpful to buy a bracelet that’s difficult to remove, and that can be worn for 24 hours a day. (Tips on how to make an anklet or bracelet)
  • Mantra. You may opt to repeat your New Year’s Resolution to yourself as part of your morning rituals, or associate your resolution with a song or mnemonic device that will remind you to do your promise every day.
  • Sticky notes. Little notes stuck to your computer monitor, end table, door, or dresser are good ways to remind you of your New Year’s Resolution.

3. Aim Low

Even the most conscientious of people are bound to forget their New Year’s Resolutions for a day or a week, and then realize they’ve “broken the chain.” Don’t be too harsh on yourself; with 52 weeks and 365 days in a year, you’re bound to forget your New Year’s Resolution at one point or another.

When making New Year’s Resolutions, stick with one or two that you’re confident about doing. If you have a list of resolutions, arrange them according to your own priorities. A resolution like getting married within the year may need to take a back seat to getting a new job. A simple resolution like eating less junk food may be easier than a complicated resolution like taking a vacation in all the key cities of Europe.

4. Everything Is Connected

Making one New Year’s Resolution will directly affect many other things in your life. If you make a resolution to go to work bright and early for all the working days of the next year, you’ll have to give up some of your activities at night. You’ll have to make extra efforts to avoid watching late-night TV shows, or go out at night less often.

jumpWhen making a New Year’s Resolution, make sure that you’re willing to make sacrifices and exert extra effort to make your own life better. A New Year’s Resolution is just like any promise; it requires a lot of commitment, patience, and self-control to fulfill that promise for 365 days. Gauge your own ability to stick by the resolution. If you feel that the New Year’s Resolution is too much for you to handle, then cross it off your list and think of something that you’re willing and able to do for one full year.

5. Live for the Moment

More often than not, you don’t need a New Year’s Resolution to make that life-changing turn that will make your life better. New Year’s Resolutions are guides to help you make a better life, but your life for one year does not have to revolve around one resolution. The best resolution that you can make is to live your life as fully as you can, and enjoy every moment of the year to come.

Whether it’s a commitment to do a good job at work or finish school with flying colors, a New Year’s Resolution is a good way to start the year with your life on track. With these helpful hints to make a New Year’s Resolution stick, the New Year’s Resolution that you’re going to make will not be just another forgotten memory of the past. For more information regarding this article, read how to set and achieve goals.

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