14 Timely Things to Do Before Reaching 30


The number 30, for people who are about to leave their 20s, is viewed with much pressure. The age of 30 is a sign of toning down the joys of early adulthood and focusing on the more serious aspects of life. Ideally, a 30-year-old should have a firm grasp on how to establish himself/herself career-wise and as an individual. The problem is, not many people can cope with the stress involved with such an important stage in life. What they can do is engage in activities or habits that can help them prepare for being 30 years old.

So how can a person exactly ease the pressure of being 30? Simple, he or she must break some of the old routines and insert new ones to foster a gradual transformation. The gradualness is important, so you can get used to the more serious activities easily. You can also use the remaining time, before reaching the age of 30, to engage things that you have been longing to do but couldn’t. Remember, your aim is to be mentally prepared for being 30 and leaving your twenties without any regrets. Here are 14 timely things you can do before reaching 30.

1. A Trip to the Zoo -The zoo is one of the main attractions for kids. Returning to that place can bring refreshing memories, including your childhood dreams. Silly as it may sound, the trip might help you determine your truest of passions, which is instrumental when choosing a career to establish. The zoo will also induce nostalgia, giving you a good tingly feeling right after the trip.

zoo visit

2. Join the Marathon - The marathon is a test of perseverance and the human will. Incidentally, both factors are needed for establishing goals and a lifelong career. Practice sprinting regularly, with a gradual increase in distance, so you’ll get accustomed to long-distance running. When you’re ready, register yourself in a 10K race. Pay the registration fee and you’re all set. After finishing the race, you will be a changed person, all for the better.

3. Budgeting Practice - Proper budgeting is the secret of some successful people. Through the proper allocation of funds and assets, cash is well-spent, if not stored in the savings bank. A good start for budgeting is to do it manually. At the start of each week, list down all the things that you need to buy, along with their corresponding prices. Set a price for emergencies and the amount you will save for the week. This practice will give you a clear view on your expenditures and weekly savings. You can then eliminate some of the unnecessary spendings, so you can save more.

4. Hire a Personal Accountant - If you think accounting is needed only for business, you’re sadly mistaken. An accountant can help increase your yearly earnings by deducting the excess taxes from your income and expenditures, even from simple purchases. At the end of the year, you can show the accounting statements to your office or the proper government office to receive your reimbursements. This tactic is perfectly legal so don’t worry.

skydiving5. Bungee Jumping and Skydiving - Most people find both sports hair-raising, just like the age of 30. With only a string or a parachute separating you from your demise, you will surely be bolder after going through one or both activities. Use bungee jumping and skydiving as symbols for conquering your fears and anxieties. After taking the plunge, you’ll feel that you can face anything, including life’s serious phases.

6. Learn the Game of Stocks - The stock market is like a more analytical version of the game monopoly, where you will buy, sell, or trade properties in the hope of getting a large sum of profits. You should learn how to interpret market trends, so you can acquire or sell the right shares. Getting an exceptional broker is also important, since he or she can help you make the right decisions. Once you master the game of stocks, getting rich will always be an option.

7. Special Treatment for Your Parents - Once you focus on your family and your career, your time for your parents will be greatly reduced. Use this period to maximize your time with your parents. Bring them out to dinner or join them for an unforgettable out-of-town trip. You, after all, owe it to them for raising you to be who you currently are.

8. Attend Career Seminars - Throughout high school and college, students are immersed in career development seminars, which help them choose careers. The concepts and strategies discussed in those conventions are pretty helpful, especially for those who want to start their own business. Important as those points are, they are eventually forgotten. Attending a career seminar will reacquaint you with those concepts and this time around, you will use of them to your full-advantage. (Why don’t you try getting an MBA, for more information, read The value of an MBA)

9. Read Business Books - Don’t believe the notion that business books are only for people who want to put up their own businesses. Those books teach you how to build contacts and how to strengthen your character as a professional. Sure, you will get a good dose of business concepts and strategies, which you will eventually need anyway, but the other things you will pickup are certainly essential, regardless of occupation.

reading books

10. Finish a Lengthy Novel - One of the common characteristics of successful professionals is they read a lot. From reports to industry-related publications, they absorb much information, which are essential for their occupations. Get accustomed to reading by finishing at least one lengthy novel. You will feel a sense of achievement after, especially if the novel you read is beyond 500 pages.

11. Health is Wealth - After the peak of your physical health, which is during your early to mid-twenties, you should apply a healthier lifestyle. Have a daily exercise like jogging or going to the gym, so you can avoid nasty age-related ailments. You’ll have more energy to balance your family and professional needs. Try to lessen, if not avoid, vices such as smoking and drinking, to have better health. By the age of 30, you will realize that you are not old, since you are still at the prime of your life.

12. Set the Right Priorities - Every successful person follows the right set of priorities. The key is being responsible and learning how to work with a lot of responsibilities. You should learn how to manage your time properly. Have a planner and make it a habit to set your daily schedule beforehand. Follow that schedule religiously then you will notice how easy life really is.

13. Father Knows Best, When It Comes to Doing Business - Most dads, being experts in their fields, have picked up a ton of strategies that they will eventually pass on to their children. Approach your dad and engage him in a professional conversation. He will be more than happy to discuss with you what he learned in his profession. You will discover the challenges he had to overcome and the solutions he formulated to get by them. Apply all of the necessary concepts and examples to your line of work.

parent talk

14. Mother Knows Best, When Forming a Home - Moms, even the career-oriented ones, have a strong attachment to the house. In most cases, dads are the chief providers while moms govern the household, including family relations. You can discuss with your mom the “dos” and “don’ts” when raising a family. She will teach you her best strategies and the behavioral patterns of each family member, given a certain scenario. In the end, you’ll have a good idea on how to create the perfect family environment.

Being 30 is not the end of your happy life, but rather the beginning. You’ll achieve financial and personal success and in the process, have a family of your own. Through time management, you can even bring back some of your old habits for a much needed balance. By then, you will realize why some people actually say “life begins at 50,” but that’s an entirely different matter, at least for now. Before thinking of what you’ll do when you reach 30, its time to celebrate your birthday and here are the 30th Birthday Party Ideas.

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  1. Blackeye on January 8th, 2009

    Totally agree. Leaving the 20s makes one feel more mature and more responsible, ready to face challenges! I would like to add to your list - owning a pet (if you don’t have one yet).

  2. [...] “14 Timely Things to Do Before Reaching 30″ (14 cosas que hay que hacer antes de llegar a los 30), de Life Hackery. Hacer una maratón, paracaidismo, leer libros de negocios, son algunas de las cosas que, según Life Hackery, se pueden hacer antes de cumplir los 30 años. Diversas formas de romper con viejas rutinas e ir aprendiendo a incoporar otras nuevas (supuestamente) “propias” de una persona +30. Me quedaría este año para cumplir algunas de ellas. Empezaré por el paracaidismo. O no. [...]

  3. wade on August 15th, 2009

    Reaching 30 was a shift in lifestyle, no more drugs , no more 3 day benders, .. good food , excercise and a weights program transformed me into an animal ! Now im fitter stronger faster leaner than i ever was in my 20’s

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