How to Form a Web Development Team from Scratch

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E-Revolution, touted years ago as the next trend in business, is currently bustling, right under the noses of those who are too concentrated with the traditional office setup. In truth, the professional world is getting smaller, given the number of opportunities offered worldwide. The global recession even helped establish the importance of business process outsourcing, with the lower costs offered by workers from third world countries. Getting jobs as an individual is quite profitable, but forming a web development team will give you and your partners sizable profits. So here are the steps in forming a web development team from scratch.

Step 1: Eye the Right People

Some people are built to be workers while the more adventurous ones sharpen their skills en route to finding more profitable ventures. These adventurous people, once they find potential in a project/venture, will be your biggest allies, especially if they are convinced with your resolve. To increase your number of options, build a network of probable employees or people with numerous connections. Weed out the skillful and passionate people and from there, select those who you can trust.

Step 2: Convince People about the Profitability of Online Jobs

The internet, progressively growing as a source for profitable ventures, provides jobs and business ideas. You just have to do a little sleuthing to grasp the big picture. Putting up websites, much more taking mass jobs from overseas clients, give you a continuous flow of income as long as you perform well. After raking enough profits, your team and the number of projects will grow. A reversal of roles will take place as you hire writers, web developers, and graphic designers, when you acquire a plethora of loyal clients. If you live in a developed country, hiring people online is your best bet, forming the internet’s profit cycle. Explain this logic to the prospective members of your team. Most of them will realize the potential and join your cause.


Step 3: Build a Reputation with Your Current Pool

Completing a functional team might take some time. The same goes with landing the juiciest projects online. So the most logical thing to do is make the do with what you have. Set up individual Paypal accounts for your team, so you can transact quickly with clients. Go to websites like and and grab projects as individuals until your team has been completed. By doing so, you can build a good reputation as individual performers. When the clients see that a bunch of good performers have formed a team, they will flock you with offers. How can they pass up the chance of working with proven quality performers?

Step 4: Play with the Pricing

At first, you can settle for the prices offered by job providers in freelance websites. Perform a string projects for them as a team until you have secured good ratings in those sites. Communicate with the providers you often work with and strike a deal. Know their rates. Since they know the quality of your team’s work, you can state a figure slightly higher than their offer. Explain to the providers your long term goal of expanding the team, which will stimulate their interests. As a result, they may agree with your price or settle at a slightly lower amount.

Step 5: From Service Providers to Job Providers

When you have accumulated a haul of projects from various clients, you may not have the manpower to do them all. Now you’ll have to play the role of job provider. You have the option to find talents locally or post job offers in freelance websites. If labor is quite pricey in your country or area, seeking talents out of town is a good idea. They can give you quality outputs for a lower price. Just check the credentials posted on their freelance website accounts for their skill level. As for their work attitude, conduct an online interview via an instant messaging service, preferably with a webcam and a microphone. (Tips on how to interview)

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The Website Alternative

Let’s say, you don’t do good on your initial venture. Don’t give up easily. The internet offers too many opportunities, in some cases even more than the city’s offerings. You can create websites in the meantime, securing profits through marketing, promotions and dozens of banner ads (Learn how to make a website). When you have earned a reputation for launching populous websites, secure clients on freelance sites. Your team will surely be a hot item, once the job providers see the websites you developed.

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