How to Write a Resignation Letter

resignation letter

There comes a time when your job, even if it’s enjoyable, becomes a hindrance to your future plans. You may want to give it another shot, but by doing so, you are merely delaying the inevitable. Every individual aspires to achieve something greater in life, so you must move on. A letter should be penned to formalize your resignation. Before you start writing your piece, you must follow several reminders, to make your letter professional and sentimental, leaving a good impression on the company.

Get to the Point Immediately

In a company, both employers and employees have their hands full with their work, meaning they may not have enough time to skim through your letter’s contents. After writing the header and the salutation, state your resignation together with your full name. The HR personnel will easily see the intention of your letter, which hastens the process of filing your resignation. Not before long, you will get your appointment for the exit interview.

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Professional with Hints of Sentimentality

When making a resignation letter, your aim is to not only leave your company, you are also leaving a good impression, which may help your cause in applying for a job. Your letter must bear a balance of professionalism and sentimentality, to touch the personal and professional sides of its recipients. State your reason why you’re resigning, but don’t mention stuff like moving to a rival company, the pay being too low, or any reason that leaves a bad taste in the reader’s mouth . Instead, state your anguish in leaving your co-workers then justify your resignation with diplomatic yet honest reasons. In the end, the company’s head honchos will understand why you need to leave and will supply you with good recommendations for your succeeding job application.

Don’t Attack the Company

resignation letterDon’t ever use your resignation letter as an instrument for attacking your most hated coworkers and bosses. It may anger the company’s HR and top executives. Remember, a company has a large network that extends throughout the nation. They may slam your reputation in their network, which significantly lessens the number of your opportunities. Be civil, in fact, you can even sugarcoat your letter, as if you’re applying for a new job.

Include your Personal Information, If Necessary

Under a formal environment, you must include your personal information in your letter. Indicate your name, email address, physical address, contact numbers, etc. By doing so, the HR department will have no trouble filing and processing your letter. You won’t experience many delays, before you formally exit the company.

Resignation is Opportunity

After submitting the resignation letter, your next task is to hurdle the exit interview. Answer the interview questions with much diplomacy and sincerity, the way you wrote your letter. Chances are, your company might be instrumental in securing one of your dream jobs.

* If you really want to move and leave your job, then you should read how to get rid of your job so that you have ideas on what to do before passing your resignation letter.

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