How to Beat an Impossible Deadline


There comes a time in an office worker’s life when different workloads accumulate until they form a gargantuan pile. Regardless of position, work must be finished at the stated deadline, otherwise the non-submission will affect the company’s productivity, even its reputation. You must strive hard to finish your tasks, but sometimes hard work is not enough to handle large workloads with seemingly impossible deadlines. Good thing there are strategies you can apply, to help your cause.

Proper Time Management

Perhaps the best way to deal with an impossible deadline is through proper time management. By budgeting your time, you can schedule your activities for the entire day, not wasting any given moment. If your working with a huge workload, break it in two-hour intervals. Place a period for lunch break, mini-breaks, and dinner. Follow the schedule you created religiously, gathering rest and further stimulation through each break. Not before long, you’ll finish your workload sooner than expected. (For more information, read how to manage your time)

time management

Stimulants Ready!

Stress and fatigue are the one-two punch to missing deadlines. With a stimulant ready, it can help you overpower both factors gradually. Start with a hot cup of coffee before attacking your workload, given that most people are often more productive after a strong start. Once you gather momentum, let loose on your workload like an uncaged beast with brains. It will taper off eventually, so when that time comes, be ready to consume another stimulant, such as candies, soda, hot tea, or anything that wakes your mind up.


Be Ready to Make Sacrifices

According to many successful businessmen, work is your best long term investment. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to excel, especially when faced with a nearly impossible deadline. You have to forgo things that usually occupy your time, such as sleep, meetings with friends and loved ones, etc. Remember, two or three years worth of hard work and critical thinking leads to personal establishment. When you have gathered enough power and credibility, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor at quite a young age.


focusA mini-break is a short interval between long periods of work. It is your greatest ally when dealing with a large pile of work. You can use it to refresh your mind and de-stress. Ideally, during a mini-break, you should leave your workstation then stay at a different room or environment. By doing so, the heavy connotation of work is washed away from your thoughts, prepping you up for several productive hours. Take as many mini-breaks as you can, provided that you don’t use it for procrastination. (Tips on how to get rid of procrastination)

No Distractions

For normal working days, having a few distractions is okay, but if you’re dealing with an impossible deadline, your only distractions should be your breaks. Sharpen your focus on the job, which eliminates pressure and too much concern for the time. In a few hours, you’ll be surprised at how much you have finished. You will soon realize that the supposedly impossible deadline is pretty manageable, after all.

Combine the Strategies

For you to successfully conquer your workload at the soonest time possible, you should combine each of the given strategies. You’ll eventually get used to them, as you apply the combo for every task that comes your way. Now you’re one step closer to achieving further success, professionally and even personally.

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  1. Anna on June 26th, 2009

    Thanks for the hints, very useful stuff.
    Anna :)

  2. Quik on September 11th, 2009

    This is all very obvious stuff… I was expecting something different!

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