5 Ways to Survive a Devastating Hurricane


The Scorpions may have rocked the world like a hurricane, but in the wake of many calamities and disasters all over the world because of deadly storms, it pays to be prepared. Yet sometimes even the people most prepared for disaster become victims of it nonetheless; losing their homes, property, and risking their lives because of the wrath of Mother Nature.

Hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, and storms have devastated almost every continent in the world. Many countries in Asia and some areas of the United States are hit by some of the most dramatic hurricanes in the world (see Top Ten Hurricanes Of All Time). If you live in an area prone to the most devastating effects of hurricanes, these tips may help you survive the worst effects of it, especially when things take a turn for a destructive calamity.

1. Find Things That Will Float

A boat or an inflatable raft is a wise investment if you live in a hurricane-prone area. When the storm does hit and your place gets flooded in the worst possible way, you need a way to be able to get yourself to high ground. Here’s where tires, gallon-jug water bottles, and even big pieces of Styrofoam can be handy. As long as an object can float and can carry your weight, you may just be able to row your way to high ground.

life boats

2. Wrapped in Plastic… It’s Fantastic

Keeping dry is an important part of survival. Wet weather conditions can give rise to a lot of health risks like hypothermia, especially if the weather is cold and if the rising tide from the flood does get you wet to the bone. All those floating plastic bags may have caused the flood, but you can use them to protect yourself from the incoming torrent of rain or the rising flood. Plastic containers can also be used to catch rainwater, which is safer to drink than floodwater just in case you run out of supplies.

3. Look for Working Electronics

Communications can be a real problem during a hurricane, especially if you need to transmit information or have updates on search and rescue operations. Hand-cranked radios are a must-have if you live in a hurricane prone area. Hand-operated radios provide and generate their own power when the user turns the crank on the radio, giving you instant and reliable access to radio broadcasts that may describe weather patterns, weather conditions, or search and rescue teams that may be near your area.

hand-cranked radio

4. Stay Visible

Floodwater can be so murky and dirty that it may be very difficult for airborne rescue teams to spot you as you float away on the rising tide. Brightly-colored plastics, flags, and banners can be used as beacons for rescue teams to be able to locate you from the murky surface of the water, and send help immediately. Visibility is also important especially if you’re in the evacuation site, so that relatives and members can spot you quickly.

5. Food and Water

packed foodThe biggest problem in any hurricane is a steady supply of food and potable water. The good news is that there’s usually a supply of these essentials during emergencies, but sometimes aid can may not reach you in time to survive the worst effects of the hurricane, if it ever reaches the worst-case scenarios. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Ideally, food should not be a problem. You may still be able to salvage stocks of canned food before the flood hits, or some of them may be floating around near flooded houses.
  • Your biggest problem in any flood is a source of potable water. A portable stove or water purifying tablets can help the water you drink clean and potable. Do not, under any circumstances, try to drink floodwater. Floodwater contains many contaminants and bacteria that can pose a risk to your health. In extreme situations, it is generally safer to use a container to collect rainwater for drinking. (Learn how to make a portable water purifier)

Most hurricanes don’t cause the kind of devastation that reach international headlines, but you never know when a seriously terrifying and horrifying hurricane can rock your life for the worst. With these steps and tips, you can survive the worst effects of a hurricane, and help others survive their own ordeals as well.

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    great article… nice :)

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    is there a way to predict how much water would a hurricane bring?

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