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15 Non-Christmas-y Ways to Reuse Christmas Decorations

christmas decorations

Christmas is a time when everyone embellishes their houses with glimmering adornments, which are called for by the holiday season. These ornaments, found all over the house, are made to be either sparkling or red and green in color to represent the Christmas theme. Splendid as they are, Christmas decorations spend almost the entire year in the attic collecting dust until December appears. The old ones eventually wither out and get thrown away. The funny thing is, Christmas decorations actually have more uses than what their appearance suggests.


Five Funky Ways to Reuse Gift Wrappers

gift wrappersIt’s Christmas morning, and you and your family are checking out the gifts from under the brightly-lit Christmas tree. Billy got a new bicycle, Samantha got a new doll house, Daddy now has a new porcelain smoking pipe, and Mommy has the limited-edition ballroom music CD she always wanted. Billy and Samantha start tearing at the wrappers, while Daddy and Mommy carefully unwrap their own presents. At first, there’s a smile on your face knowing that you made your family happy this Christmas. Then you look at the discarded gift wrappers, and you let out a sigh knowing that they will be bound for the trash bin.

Every year come Christmas time, tons of gift wrappers are discarded. Gift wrappers fill up garbage bins, dumpsters, landfills, and recycling centers. When you think of how many trees are cut to make a single roll of gift wrap, you would know what kind of environmental damage discarded gift wrappers can cause. Instead of throwing gift wrappers away, you can reuse and recycle them to make all sorts of different, useful objects.


Unwanted Gift Cards? No Problem!

gift card

Gift cards, the second most popular Christmas present in the United States, are well-spread all over the world during Christmas. These financial instruments have corresponding money values, giving bearers the right to purchase merchandise for free. With the current prevalence of these items, you may receive gift cards from establishments that you don’t really like or patronize. Good thing giving them away is almost as easy as receiving them.


11 Ways to Write Better Blog Entries


Writing, being a primal form of communication, is a skill that can be developed by anyone. Of course, everyone can write, given how language is used in everyday life. The challenge is, the proper construction of words and ideas through a popular means of communication today - the blog. Aimlessly writing a blog does not always generate readership. With a handful of strategies and much practice, you can turn your blog into a virtual bestseller. (Learn how to start a blog)

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Eight Awesome Ways To Use Christmas Neckties

Christmas Neckties

The Christmas season is just around the corner, and you probably have in mind what you want for Holiday presents. Yet as much as you don’t like to think about it, you’re probably going to get three or four neckties for Christmas this year, adding to your growing collection of old neckties from past Christmas celebrations. It’s not that your friends are not thoughtful or that they didn’t bother buying you a gift that you could use, but neckties are easy and convenient to buy as Christmas gifts.