How to Determine a Bad Movie from a Good One, Beforehand

watching a movie

Watching movies is a hobby for most people. Not only do they relish the merits of the film, watching one is also a good way too kill time. A good movie, after all, leaves viewers with favorable impressions, even if it has a sad ending. The problem is, some films are marketed to be blockbusters, but in reality, they are nothing but dull and hurried pieces of work. As a movie lover, you should know what to avoid, otherwise you’ll end up wasting money in viewing or buying bad movies.

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Four Explosive Ways to Use Fireworks


Lots of people enjoy the New Year celebrations with fireworks. After a night of colorful explosions to welcome the New Year and ward off bad luck, you may still have a lot of fireworks left over. Yet for some people, even the thrill of watching sparklers and consumer fireworks can get a bit boring. Some people want the thrills and adrenaline rushes that come with explosives. If you’re tired of watching fireworks cast their magical glow in the air, you can use fireworks in many other different, exciting, and crazy ways.

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57 Different Ways to Say “Merry Christmas!”

merry christmas

Christmas is a universal holiday, which means it is celebrated by Christians, and some non-Christians, all over the world. Almost everyone, regardless of race or culture, views the occasion as a time to be merry and to be extra-nice. The funny thing is, for a global celebration, it is actually hampered by the language barrier. You can say Merry Christmas to a person from a different land and there is a chance that he or she might not comprehend your greeting.


How to Get Better Service at Restaurants


Not getting quality service from your favorite establishments? Still troubling over the shrimp ravioli that was supposed to arrive half an hour ago? As a paying customer, you expect your food to be tasty and to be delivered on time. Some restaurants, however, are notorious for inconsistent service. The orders are delivered late while in some cases, the food doesn’t taste fresh.


Six Groovy Gift Ideas for Unisex Christmas Parties


It’s the Christmas season, but The Man just wouldn’t give you a break. While you were having your coffee break, the company executives decided that the most cost-efficient way to celebrate Christmas at the office would be to do away with the tradition of Secret Santa. Instead, everyone would have to bring “unisex” gifts for the company Christmas party. Whoever thought of “unisex Christmas parties” must be a real Grinch.