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Four Ways to Survive Without a Mobile Phone

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The mobile phone, over the past two decades, have become needs, given the importance of quick communication. With only a few key presses, you can call or send messages to anyone from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, such an important gadget is often lost, misplaced or taken by muggers. So how do you survive without a mobile phone? If you are pretty resourceful and take advantage of other available means of communication, you’ll be okay.


How to Get Better Service at Restaurants


Not getting quality service from your favorite establishments? Still troubling over the shrimp ravioli that was supposed to arrive half an hour ago? As a paying customer, you expect your food to be tasty and to be delivered on time. Some restaurants, however, are notorious for inconsistent service. The orders are delivered late while in some cases, the food doesn’t taste fresh.


11 Ways to Write Better Blog Entries


Writing, being a primal form of communication, is a skill that can be developed by anyone. Of course, everyone can write, given how language is used in everyday life. The challenge is, the proper construction of words and ideas through a popular means of communication today - the blog. Aimlessly writing a blog does not always generate readership. With a handful of strategies and much practice, you can turn your blog into a virtual bestseller. (Learn how to start a blog)


Seven Ways to Deal With Getting Fired


It’s official: the economy is in a recession. Things are not looking good any time soon, and the only recourse for some companies is to let go of their employees. Companies have used various terms to lessen the blow for employees: cutbacks, downsizing, right-sizing, re-engineering, optimization, and streamlining. Yet once you get that notice or e-mail that you’re out of a job, your whole world seems to have crumbled around you.


23 Wacky Uses for Cassette Tapes

cassette belt buckle from famousDuring the eighties, you can’t say the term “music” without associating it with the cassette tape. The small cartridge, containing two connected spools of film, is the preferred means of storing music. Most music lovers have decent collections of cassettes back then. As technology progressed, cassette tapes were eventually replaced by more modern devices. Cassette owners are now in a bind on what to do with the outdated music cartridge. Good thing there is always a DIY solution to everything.

The cassette tape can be turned into a ton of different items. You can tweak its plastic casing or the film to form toys, fashion accessories and other useful items. You can even combine a multitude of cassettes to create cool nostalgic themes for home fixtures. Surely, you’ll be amazed with the number of things you can do with a seemingly useless device. So without further ado, here are 23 wacky uses for cassette tapes: