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7 Tearfully-Pleasing Uses for Onions


People, despite getting teary-eyed, enjoy the numerous culinary uses of the onion. The gas containing vegetable is both a primary ingredient and a flavor enhancer in many dishes. If you think its list of uses end at the kitchen, you better think again. It is proven to be a medicinal wonder, as well as a metal polisher and an insect repellent. With its number of alternative uses, the onion may induce tears of joy to any DIY pundit. Here are seven of its tearfully - pleasing uses.

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15 Unconventional Uses for Honey

sweet honeyThe bee, feared for its nasty sting, comes as an unwelcome visitor in our gardens. People often scamper away when they see the buzzing insect approach their direction. Scary as the bee is, it brings a product enjoyed for its sweet natural taste and its number of alternative uses - honey. As a practical soul, you can make your domestic life a bit more convenient with such a useful item. Purchase a jar of honey and discover all of its benefits.

Honey, aside from being a tasty snack, can be used for a variety of home and health-related applications. With its natural formulation, it is used as a treatment for some illnesses and a vitamin supplement. It is also known to moisturize and disinfect the skin, making it an unconventional moisturizer, antiseptic and antibacterial solution. For years, vegans have used honey to promote good health. Now it’s your turn to reap the rewards in using the bee’s healthy byproduct. Here are 15 unconventional uses for honey.

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12 of the Most Surprising Uses for Mustard

mustardMustard, known for enhancing the flavor of many meat products, is quite a popular condiment. It blends well with snacks like hamburgers and hotdogs, and formal entrees like steaks and salads. Given its ability to turn simple dishes into tasty delights, mustard is one of the most common items found in the cupboard. What most people don’t know is mustard doesn’t only enhance flavors, it can also make your domestic life a bit more convenient.

Mustard has a myriad of alternative uses, most of them health related. Surprisingly, the condiment can be used to prevent or relieve ailments and some diseases. Its medicinal value may not be as potent as a prescription drug, but it sure comes in handy during emergency situations. Mustard, aside from its therapeutic uses, can also function as a makeshift cosmetic product and an odor remover. With its overall usefulness, you’d be glad to have a bottle around. Here are 12 of the most surprising uses for mustard.

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10 Unusual Strategies to Deal with Fever at the Workplace

feeling sick

Having a fever is normally a good excuse for an office worker to take the day off. The ailment severely weakens the body and hampers a person’s concentration, lowering the rate of productivity. Though, there are some cases where missing work is simply not an option, especially during busy days. You, as an employee, will experience times when you have to go to work with a fever. The question is, can you last for eight working hours? You can, as long as you apply the right strategies.

Fever, by all means, causes discomfort, even during its latter stages. You’ll feel numb and heavy (sometimes accompanied by a headache and a bad cold), and it gets worse when you try to move. Your goal is to find a way for your fever to subside, or to at least conceal the sore feeling induced by the symptom. Once you do, you’ll be able to concentrate on your work better while your fever will be nothing more than a mere inconvenience. Curious? Here are 10 of the niftiest fever-busting strategies for the workplace.

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Nine Ways to Deal with a Hangover


Waking up with a hangover is not a pleasurable experience. The first thing that you will notice is a stinging headache, which throbs whenever you try to move. It is joined by dizziness, an intolerance for cold temperatures, and a generally heavy feeling. Moving about is not easy, as well as eating meals, especially if your hangover is pretty severe. Such is the price that you have to pay for drinking too much the night before.

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