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18 of Petroleum Jelly’s Wondrous Uses

vaseline petroleum jellyPetroleum jelly is a cosmetic wonder drug used for many applications. Your home probably has one, given that many people, especially women, rely on the solution for skin care. The cosmetic product is known to make your skin softer, giving it a nice pale glow. Remarkably, petroleum jelly’s list of uses does not end there. Within its plastic container lies a ton of alternative functions, waiting for you to stumble upon them.

The skincare product’s viscous and sticky consistency is its key characteristic. It is much like grease with a milder formulation. You can use it as a home lubricant, a means of preventing car battery corrosion and a few peculiar dermatological functions. Through its multitude of uses, petroleum jelly stands as a universal solution for many home-related woes. Here are 18 of its wondrous uses:

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15 Ways to Make a Dental Appointment More Tolerable

dentist appointment

For some, the dentist is probably the scariest person on Earth. Many people dread visiting the tooth doctor, since most dental procedures are associated with pain. Everyone certainly remember the times when they had a tooth pulled or had the most dreaded of all dental procedures: the root canal treatment. You may try to worm your way out of your dental appointments for now, but there will come a time when a meeting with your dentist is absolutely inescapable. What will you do when that time comes?

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15 Surprising Uses for Aspirin


Aspirin is known worldwide as a means for relieving headache, fever and inflammations. Since it is often a generic drug, many people take it for granted. Some fear taking aspirin because of the common notion that generic medicine has terrible side-effects and aspirin reportedly causes Reye’s Syndrome. It may not be as safe as prescription drugs, but you still have plenty of reasons to buy those pills. The funny thing is, none of those reasons are actually concerned with the treatment of diseases and body pains.

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24 Burnout Solutions

Social Networking through Phone

Burnout, stemmed by stress and over-exhaustion, is one of the dreaded conditions of all office workers. Once afflicted, you won’t feel any endearment from your job, which will reflect on your performance. Focusing on anything work-related will not be an easy task. Your mind will freeze whenever you try to come up with ideas and you’d be easily agitated by trivial matters.

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Five Ways to Avoid Nintendinitis

Playing computer games

You’re playing a computer game with a friend, and you’re showing off your mad skills. Years of practice with your favorite game has taught you new techniques and strategies to win. For the better part of two hours, you’re shrugging off the pain in your finger-joints. Right in the middle of a very important stage, you suddenly drop the controller, and scream out in pain. You’re too young to have arthritis or rheumatism, but you’re now in the verge of an attack of gamer’s grip, also called Nintendinitis.

Almost everyone talks about repetitive stress injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), and usually think that these maladies happen only to people who work with computers. People who play computer games for long periods of time can suffer from joint pain and cramps in their wrists and hands. Nintendinitis is not as dangerous or as debilitating as carpal tunnel syndrome, but it is still very painful and could put you on the sidelines for at least a week.

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