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5 Fun and Spooky Halloween Ideas for Your Family


It’s Halloween again, and you’re excited to hang out with your friends and start spooking everyone out. Even so, wouldn’t it be nice if you can spend this creepy season with your family instead? Many families today have plenty of traditions to make their Halloween festive and exciting. You have to admit, though, that parties and trick-or-treating are starting to get old. Don’t worry; here are five unique, but simple family Halloween ideas that will surely bring lots of excitement to your home.

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How to Live in a Haunted House

haunted house

You’ve found the perfect house for a reasonable price, and it has enough room for you and your family. What happens when living in the seemingly perfect house leads you to experience strange events like hearing voices, objects being moved around and strange figures flitting around the corner of your eye? What if your house turns out to be haunted? Here’s how to deal with sharing a house with ghosts.

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How To Deal With an Overbearing Mother-in-Law

mother-in-lawYou’ve finally met your Prince Charming and he has brought you to his castle (see the Top 10 ways to find the person of your dreams). Looks like you’ve reached your happily ever after. Wait, a fairytale woudn’t be complete without a wicked witch. In your case, it’s an overbearing mother in law. How do you deal with a mother in law who thinks no woman is ever deserving of his son’s love? Here are some tips you can do to deal with your MIL without having to resort to drastic measures, like giving her a poisoned apple.

The first thing you should try to do is talk to your husband about your feelings. Tell him how uncomfortable his mother makes you feel. 2 things may happen when you talk The Talk. First, he may agree with you and give you advices so you can deal with your MIL better. Second, he may not agree with you and tell you that you just don’t want to try to have a good relationship with his mother. When your husband does the first one, then you won’t have any problems. You’re sure that he’ll be there to back you up whenever your MIL gets in your nerves. If he does the second one, as bad as it may sound, you’re on your own. This is the best opportunity to try to do any of the following tips.

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10 Unique Uses For Used Tea Bags

tea bag

Everyone is familiar with the health benefits of tea: it fights cancer, reduces risk of stroke and other diseases, and revitalizes body cells. Yet, after you’ve drained your delicious cup of tea, you find yourself discarding the used tea bags. Well, don’t. You’ll be surprised at the number of ways you can reuse these materials. Here are a number of unique and surprising uses for those old tea bags.

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8 Brilliant Uses For Banana


If you ask someone to name a common fruit they see in their kitchen, they’d definitely say “banana!” enthusiastically. Who isn’t familiar with this plant? It’s rich in potassium and other nutrients. Bananas also have a sweet flavor that blends well with various meals and dishes, from pastry, desserts and even as baby mush.

Since it’s highly versatile as a food, it’s no surprise that bananas can be used for various tasks around the house. If you’re curious as to how to put this fruit to unique uses, then read on.