11 Ways to Write Better Blog Entries


Writing, being a primal form of communication, is a skill that can be developed by anyone. Of course, everyone can write, given how language is used in everyday life. The challenge is, the proper construction of words and ideas through a popular means of communication today - the blog. Aimlessly writing a blog does not always generate readership. With a handful of strategies and much practice, you can turn your blog into a virtual bestseller. (Learn how to start a blog)

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Nine Ways to Make Your Social Networking Account Date-Friendly


The social networking website, a stylized version of self-advertisement, is the preferred means of communication of kids today. In this site, you can post pictures, videos, and information pertaining to your personal and professional life. People use social networking sites for various reasons and most of them are hinged at being noticed by other people. As an eligible bachelor or bachelorette, you can certainly use these sites to find partners for your favorite hobby – dating.

Tweaking your social networking account and turning it into a tool for finding dates is easy, especially for seasoned “players." You just have to make a compromise between your interests and the way your prospects generally think. Call it street psychology, but your primary objective is to be pretty noticeable to your “target market." Once you reel a few prospects in, you can start messaging them with playful banter en route to having actual dates. Exciting huh? Here are nine ways to make your social networking account date-friendly:

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12 Snazzy Uses for Social Networking Websites

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Social networking websites are the in-things today. Most people, especially youngsters, spend countless hours tinkering their accounts on popular social networking sites. They often stylize their accounts and update their pictures to promote their own brand of self marketing.

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How to Bypass the Office Firewall to Download from Bittorrent

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Bittorrent is the most popular peer-to-peer file sharing protocol today. If you’re among the millions of people using it, chances are, you are quite addicted to it; however, most offices today block bittorrent clients or even the ports that the protocol uses so that their employees can be more productive at work.

If you happen to be employed at a company that follows the same policies, you don’t have to lose hope because there are still ways to bypass that pesky firewall the IT department set up.

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17 Ways to Not Be a Complete Git

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There are plenty of web lists out there that will tell you how to do very specific things. You can learn all about shampooing your cat, organizing your pantry, and making intricate stained-glass VW Beetle ornaments…but how many resources are there to remind you how to be a decent person? These are the things we really need to know.