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How to Beat an Impossible Deadline


There comes a time in an office worker’s life when different workloads accumulate until they form a gargantuan pile. Regardless of position, work must be finished at the stated deadline, otherwise the non-submission will affect the company’s productivity, even its reputation. You must strive hard to finish your tasks, but sometimes hard work is not enough to handle large workloads with seemingly impossible deadlines. Good thing there are strategies you can apply, to help your cause.


10 Overlooked Functions of Email


The age, when people used pen and paper to write letters, is over. At the turn of the century, almost everyone rely on the email for high-speed communication. You can use your account to converse or even strike business deals with anyone who has an active email address, regardless of distance. This is a clear advantage, given the amount of information conveyed in a few minutes. Remarkably, the list of things you can do with your email do not end there. More functions are waiting to be discovered if you look close enough.

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14 Timely Things to Do Before Reaching 30


The number 30, for people who are about to leave their 20s, is viewed with much pressure. The age of 30 is a sign of toning down the joys of early adulthood and focusing on the more serious aspects of life. Ideally, a 30-year-old should have a firm grasp on how to establish himself/herself career-wise and as an individual. The problem is, not many people can cope with the stress involved with such an important stage in life. What they can do is engage in activities or habits that can help them prepare for being 30 years old.

So how can a person exactly ease the pressure of being 30? Simple, he or she must break some of the old routines and insert new ones to foster a gradual transformation. The gradualness is important, so you can get used to the more serious activities easily. You can also use the remaining time, before reaching the age of 30, to engage things that you have been longing to do but couldn’t. Remember, your aim is to be mentally prepared for being 30 and leaving your twenties without any regrets. Here are 14 timely things you can do before reaching 30.


Unwanted Gift Cards? No Problem!

gift card

Gift cards, the second most popular Christmas present in the United States, are well-spread all over the world during Christmas. These financial instruments have corresponding money values, giving bearers the right to purchase merchandise for free. With the current prevalence of these items, you may receive gift cards from establishments that you don’t really like or patronize. Good thing giving them away is almost as easy as receiving them.


How to Get Better Service at Restaurants


Not getting quality service from your favorite establishments? Still troubling over the shrimp ravioli that was supposed to arrive half an hour ago? As a paying customer, you expect your food to be tasty and to be delivered on time. Some restaurants, however, are notorious for inconsistent service. The orders are delivered late while in some cases, the food doesn’t taste fresh.

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