How to Form a Web Development Team from Scratch

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E-Revolution, touted years ago as the next trend in business, is currently bustling, right under the noses of those who are too concentrated with the traditional office setup. In truth, the professional world is getting smaller, given the number of opportunities offered worldwide. The global recession even helped establish the importance of business process outsourcing, with the lower costs offered by workers from third world countries. Getting jobs as an individual is quite profitable, but forming a web development team will give you and your partners sizable profits. So here are the steps in forming a web development team from scratch.


10 Overlooked Functions of Email


The age, when people used pen and paper to write letters, is over. At the turn of the century, almost everyone rely on the email for high-speed communication. You can use your account to converse or even strike business deals with anyone who has an active email address, regardless of distance. This is a clear advantage, given the amount of information conveyed in a few minutes. Remarkably, the list of things you can do with your email do not end there. More functions are waiting to be discovered if you look close enough.


How to Get Better Service at Restaurants


Not getting quality service from your favorite establishments? Still troubling over the shrimp ravioli that was supposed to arrive half an hour ago? As a paying customer, you expect your food to be tasty and to be delivered on time. Some restaurants, however, are notorious for inconsistent service. The orders are delivered late while in some cases, the food doesn’t taste fresh.


9 of the Greatest DIY USB Drive Mods

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How many DIY USB drive mods are out there? Being the realistic and completely unsarcastic type, we’d say about forty million. They are an easy project and they can make this otherwise boring bit of technology sparkle with personality. While we would never claim to be an authority on such things and thus able to judge the “best” mods, we can show you a few weird and interesting mods that have caught our eyes recently.

The Floppy Disk USB Drive: taking an obsolete piece of technology and combining it with a newer piece of technology to make something useful? Excellent.


The Cassette Tape USB Drive: along the same lines as the floppy disk, this mod is a nice juxtaposition of old and new. Plus it looks pretty cool when it’s plugged in.

cassette tape usb drive

The Zippo USB Drive: Do you love the iconic look of the Zippo, but you’ve given up that nasty smoking habit? Find another use for your favorite Zippo case by mounting a USB drive inside.

zippo usb drive


7 Ways to Help You Kick the Cable to the Curb

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Not long ago, having a television in your home was almost a requirement for every American family. Now, many households are giving up the TV (or just the cable) for various reasons. Some want to save money, some are unhappy with the quality of programming, and still others want to avoid the constant barrage of commercial advertisements.

If you are interested in giving up your TV (or your cable subscription) but you have a few shows that you just can’t stand to miss, there are several options for you. Some are free, some are not, but all are legal alternative ways to enjoy TV.


1. Netflix. Yes, it seems cliche to put Netflix at the top of the list. The fact is, though, that their services are affordable, reliable, and now provide streaming video from the site.

2. Worldwide Media Project. A site providing streaming video stations from around the world. It gives users the ability to suggest new stations. The selection is somewhat limited at this point, but the site has great potential.

3. Fancast. A great site that offers full-length TV shows, movie clips, and trailers.

4. MyEasyTV. Over 3000 internet TV channels.

5. Surf The Channel. A website that scours the internet to bring you the best in internet TV. The best part: they refer all would-be donations to Cancer Research because “they need the cash.” Aww.

6. Network TV websites. Many networks offer online versions of their first-run shows right after they air on TV.

7. Joost. Ah, Joost. The internet community is at odds over this free TV site - you either love it or you hate it. Joost is the lovechild of Kazaa and Skype, and will soon be bringing you shows from several major networks.

There are many more out there, so let us know - how do you get your free TV fix?