10 of the Best Online Storage and Sharing Tools

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If you work primarily from your computer (or computers) you’ve no doubt got a huge number of papers, files, notes, and various pieces of information that you need to store. If you’re like most people, you spend way too much time trying to locate and organize everything so that it’s readily available but not in your way.

If you collaborate with others on projects, the problem of file storage gets even more complicated. Everyone working on the project needs real-time access to the files.

Online file storage solutions are the perfect way to keep everything you need within easy access, even when you work from a different location or computer. Here (in no particular order) are ten of the best ways to organize, store, and share your files online.

1. Basecamp. This online collaboration tool allows you to set different permissions for users on different projects and define milestones and to-do lists.

2. GoDaddy. Featuring plans from $7/year to $20/year, GoDaddy is basically an online network drive that lets you store up to 2,000 MB.

3. Box. There are options for individuals, businesses, and enterprises to store, share, and collaborate.

4. MediaMax. Store music, photos, videos, and files. Get 25 MB free, or sign up for a paid account for up to 100 GB of storage.

5. AllMyData. Unlimited storage for one price, or get 1 GB for free.

6. Scribd. Free unlimited storage for files. Also, publish, share, and embed your files anywhere.

7. Savefile. A free and simple service offering uploads of up to 60 MB. This is a great way to share files without resorting to emailing them.

8. iStorage. Pricier than the rest, but iStorage offers a multi-layer support system for uploading, storing, and sharing files.

9. FileSend. Simple, uncomplicated, and free file sending up to 120 MB.

10. OmniDrive. With a wealth of features and a friendly interface, OmniDrive offers 1 GB on free accounts and unlimited storage on Pro accounts.


2 Simple Hacks to Turn Disposable Cameras into Semi-Permanent Ones


Digital Camera Hack! Secret The Stores Don’t Want You To Know! - Amazing videos are here

Once you’ve gotten to your travel destination on the cheap, you’ll probably want to take some memorable photos and videos to preserve the experience. But what if you realize in a panic-filled moment that you forgot your cameras at home? Never fear - here’s a video that will show you how to reuse one of those $20 single-use digital cameras. You can keep digital photographs of your journeys without adding to the disposable products pile of waste.

vid cam

For moving picture records of your travel adventures, here is a similar hack for a single-use video camera.

If you absolutely have to buy disposable products, you might as well get all of the use out of them that you possibly can!


99 Extraordinary, Creative and Unusual Uses for Ordinary and Everyday Objects


Imagine all of the silly old stuff you have sitting around the house that is simply going to waste and hasn’t been used in years. Think it’s all junk? Perhaps not. Here are ninety-nine creative ways you can use things you thought had only one purpose, from beer and soda to rulers, stamps, sugar, toothpaste, old CDs and even your iPod.


Having trouble learning how to chopstick? Think of this approach as cheap-and-easy training wheels while you learn the ropes. Inexpensive plastic clothes pins can be disassembled without tools or much effort and their spring can be reused with any generic chopsticks.


Scared to fight for the road, pitting your bike against a few tons of truck or car? Take a conventional fold-out ruler, apply something shiny and reflective and strap it to the back of your ride. Fold it out as needed and back in when parked.


Sick of those fake-smelling toilet bowl fresheners that reek like faux flowers? Get the normal hanging plastic device but swap out the insides with a tea scent of your choice - there are plenty to choose from and it will almost certainly beat out “lemon mist.”


Looking to have a professional and colorful nail job but don’t want to pay for it? Find some interesting stamps with the same or alternating patterns, trim out and apply them. This approach is more manageable and easy to remove anyway.


Prefer loose-leaf tea but find yourself forgetting to buy bags or tea balls? No worries so long as you have a handy household stapler and some tissue paper.


10 Unusual Uses for Beer: marinate meat in it, grow better grass, kill slugs, snails and mice, calm a stomach ache, polish gold, take a bath, polish furniture or cook with it.


3 Unusual Uses for Chocolate: make underwear, cars or even a dress.


6 Unusual Uses for Tooth Paste: Stop itching bug bites and minor rashes, clean up Kool-Aid stains, sooth minor burns, clean ivory piano keys, remove smells from your hands, spot clean your shoes.


6 Unusual Uses for Paper Clips: unbreakable bag closers, zipper pull replacement, cherry pit remover, bathroom door key, Christmas tree ornament hooks, reach electronic reset buttons.


10 Unusual Uses for Sugar: make cut flowers last longer, improve outdoor plant health, hand cleaner, wasp trap, soothe a burned tongue, kill cockroaches, fly catcher, start a fire, keep biscuits or cake fresh


6 Unusual Uses for Butter: remove glue from your hands, gum from your hair, swallow pills more easily, slice through sticky items, remove tree sap or even use it to shave.


10 Unusual Uses for Human Hair: test tress making, growing food, cleaning oil spills, making clothes, creating furniture, crafting art, making soy sauce, nesting material, creating rope.


10 Unusual Uses for an iPod: load text files of exam answers, plan workouts and set timing goals, load a subway map, calculate a tip, learn a language, use the light to read, repel telemarketers, facilitate geocaching, magic 8 ball or sing in the shower to tunes with a waterproof case.

5 Unusual Uses for Old CDS: mini hovercraft, disco ball, lamp, “q-ball” and sculptures


28 Unusual Uses for Coca-Cola: clean a toilet bowl, remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers, clean corrosion from car battery terminals, cook, loosen a rusty bolt, bake a moist ham, remove grease from clothes, clean rust in a bathtub, clean milk stains from clothes, make barbecue sauce, prevent an asthma attack, relieve constipation, prevent diarrhea, condition hair, fertilize azaleas or gardenias, clean eyeglasses, clean tarnished pennies, strip paint off metal patio furniture, get rid of fruit flies, boost a compost bin, prevent flatulence, relieve an upset stomach, kill slugs or snails, mousse hair, sooth a jellyfish sting, clean blood stains from clothes, soothe a sore throat, neutralize skunk odor.


3 Creative Do-It-Yourself Emergency, Entertainment and Laser Lighting Tricks

So the first one is a pen that turns into an emergency flashlight. Sounds simple enough. Your first reaction is probably: oh, somehow we’ll use the empty pencil to channel the light, right? Wrong! Here the lead is the key to providing up to 20 minutes of light. This hack is relatively simple but could be a real boon to someone stuck alone at night in a remote place and in need of illumination.

Turn A PENCIL Into A LIGHT ! - Watch a funny movie here

Great hack for converting a pen into a laser light:

Laser Flashlight Hack! - Funny home videos are a click away

If you have a bit more time and a bit less urgency, file under ‘party tricks’:

Wicked Chemical Reaction - A funny movie is a click away