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How to Live in a Haunted House

haunted house

You’ve found the perfect house for a reasonable price, and it has enough room for you and your family. What happens when living in the seemingly perfect house leads you to experience strange events like hearing voices, objects being moved around and strange figures flitting around the corner of your eye? What if your house turns out to be haunted? Here’s how to deal with sharing a house with ghosts.

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5 Ways to Survive a Devastating Hurricane


The Scorpions may have rocked the world like a hurricane, but in the wake of many calamities and disasters all over the world because of deadly storms, it pays to be prepared. Yet sometimes even the people most prepared for disaster become victims of it nonetheless; losing their homes, property, and risking their lives because of the wrath of Mother Nature.

Hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, and storms have devastated almost every continent in the world. Many countries in Asia and some areas of the United States are hit by some of the most dramatic hurricanes in the world (see Top Ten Hurricanes Of All Time). If you live in an area prone to the most devastating effects of hurricanes, these tips may help you survive the worst effects of it, especially when things take a turn for a destructive calamity.

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10 Unique Uses For Used Tea Bags

tea bag

Everyone is familiar with the health benefits of tea: it fights cancer, reduces risk of stroke and other diseases, and revitalizes body cells. Yet, after you’ve drained your delicious cup of tea, you find yourself discarding the used tea bags. Well, don’t. You’ll be surprised at the number of ways you can reuse these materials. Here are a number of unique and surprising uses for those old tea bags.

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How Not to Gamble in Las Vegas

las vegas

Planning for a vacation in Las Vegas but gambling is not an option? If you’re travelling with children or you’re looking for alternative ways to enjoy your time in Las Vegas without having to go to the casinos, you can go to the places the locals go to themselves. Here’s how to enjoy yourself in Las Vegas without having to spend for gambling.

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5 Sneaky Ways to Avoid Getting Drunk

drunk girl

Party and alcohol are the ultimate duo to spice up a night. Do you know what happened last weekend? Maybe you don’t because you were so drunk to even remember who took you home. Partying all night without being dead drunk doesn’t mean you have to be a party pooper and miss your favorite vodka concoction. Here are 5 easy ways to avoid getting stone-drunk in a party.