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How to Beat an Impossible Deadline


There comes a time in an office worker’s life when different workloads accumulate until they form a gargantuan pile. Regardless of position, work must be finished at the stated deadline, otherwise the non-submission will affect the company’s productivity, even its reputation. You must strive hard to finish your tasks, but sometimes hard work is not enough to handle large workloads with seemingly impossible deadlines. Good thing there are strategies you can apply, to help your cause.

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How to Write a Resignation Letter

resignation letter

There comes a time when your job, even if it’s enjoyable, becomes a hindrance to your future plans. You may want to give it another shot, but by doing so, you are merely delaying the inevitable. Every individual aspires to achieve something greater in life, so you must move on. A letter should be penned to formalize your resignation. Before you start writing your piece, you must follow several reminders, to make your letter professional and sentimental, leaving a good impression on the company.


How to Build a Network

friends network

A popular nightspot is filled with people in almost every corner. Some of them are in that venue to find dates while others are simply surrounded by torrents of people, discussing things other than partying. The latter obviously has a network that he or she can use in business, pleasure, or friendship. With an extensive network, the possibilities for nearly every endeavor increases. Here is how you can extend yours.


How to Form a Web Development Team from Scratch

web team

E-Revolution, touted years ago as the next trend in business, is currently bustling, right under the noses of those who are too concentrated with the traditional office setup. In truth, the professional world is getting smaller, given the number of opportunities offered worldwide. The global recession even helped establish the importance of business process outsourcing, with the lower costs offered by workers from third world countries. Getting jobs as an individual is quite profitable, but forming a web development team will give you and your partners sizable profits. So here are the steps in forming a web development team from scratch.

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How to Enjoy the Weekend even if You’re Too Busy

working on a weekend

A hectic schedule equates to more income yet sometimes it sacrifices a man’s need for at least a bit of hedonism. You have to adjust your daily itinerary, so you can deal with workloads and deadlines coming from your profession. Working on them shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you’re accustomed to your job. The concern is, how you can salvage some rest amidst a heavy workload. If you know how to preserve your weekends, even if you’re busy, you can avoid the condition every professional dreads - the burnout. Here are four strategies that can work in your favor.