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How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

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There is nothing bad with mastery, especially if it concerns your core competencies. The problem is, some people tend to stay within those boundaries, without thinking of expanding their skill sets, or at least their knowledge. They should realize that the comfort zone, comfy as it is, holds them back from utilizing their full potential. So without further ado, here are seven ways to breakout of your comfort zone.


10 Overlooked Functions of Email


The age, when people used pen and paper to write letters, is over. At the turn of the century, almost everyone rely on the email for high-speed communication. You can use your account to converse or even strike business deals with anyone who has an active email address, regardless of distance. This is a clear advantage, given the amount of information conveyed in a few minutes. Remarkably, the list of things you can do with your email do not end there. More functions are waiting to be discovered if you look close enough.

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10 Unusual Strategies to Deal with Fever at the Workplace

feeling sick

Having a fever is normally a good excuse for an office worker to take the day off. The ailment severely weakens the body and hampers a person’s concentration, lowering the rate of productivity. Though, there are some cases where missing work is simply not an option, especially during busy days. You, as an employee, will experience times when you have to go to work with a fever. The question is, can you last for eight working hours? You can, as long as you apply the right strategies.

Fever, by all means, causes discomfort, even during its latter stages. You’ll feel numb and heavy (sometimes accompanied by a headache and a bad cold), and it gets worse when you try to move. Your goal is to find a way for your fever to subside, or to at least conceal the sore feeling induced by the symptom. Once you do, you’ll be able to concentrate on your work better while your fever will be nothing more than a mere inconvenience. Curious? Here are 10 of the niftiest fever-busting strategies for the workplace.


11 Ways to Write Better Blog Entries


Writing, being a primal form of communication, is a skill that can be developed by anyone. Of course, everyone can write, given how language is used in everyday life. The challenge is, the proper construction of words and ideas through a popular means of communication today - the blog. Aimlessly writing a blog does not always generate readership. With a handful of strategies and much practice, you can turn your blog into a virtual bestseller. (Learn how to start a blog)


Six Groovy Gift Ideas for Unisex Christmas Parties


It’s the Christmas season, but The Man just wouldn’t give you a break. While you were having your coffee break, the company executives decided that the most cost-efficient way to celebrate Christmas at the office would be to do away with the tradition of Secret Santa. Instead, everyone would have to bring “unisex” gifts for the company Christmas party. Whoever thought of “unisex Christmas parties” must be a real Grinch.

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